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As the UK’s only PLC water cooler company, we have carved out an unrivalled reputation within the industry since founding 15 years ago. Serving business to business, we have built long-standing relationships with Next, H&M, Specsavers and Ford to name but a few, and further esteemed customers continue to choose us for their fixed water coolers and boilers.

Exclusively point-of-use (POU), our eco-friendly coolers and boilers will ensure your company saves time and money, whilst our ISO accreditations and the exemplary mutual loyalty sported between ourselves and clients testify our reliability. We are proud to maintain and repair boilers supplied to our customers at no additional cost, and also offer eventual replacements, so if you choose Freshwater Coolers, you need never worry about your drinking water supply ever again.

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Want FREE repairs, sanitisation and filter changes?
Want no installation cost, nothing to pay for the 1st month and no other hidden charges?


FREE repairs, maintenance advice and filter changes with Freshwater Coolers.
Pay nothing for the first month and get free installation too.


Freshwater Coolers offer FREE installation, repairs and replacements.
Avoid hidden charges and pay nothing for the first month.


Trying to decide on the best water dispenser to suit your needs?
save money and avoid costly call outs with FWC.

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